Friday, August 8, 2014

The Road to Milwaukee


Antiques in Wapakoneta:

Who will buy this precious pup?

Steps in a Wapakoneta antique mall:

Courthouse in Wapakoneta:

Downtown Lima:

Robert Messenger, I thought of you when photographing this newspaper building:

Neat dealer sticker on a Blick case in Rich's collection:

... and a decal from Milwaukee:

A glimpse of the Mars Cheese Castle by the side of the Interstate at sunset tells me that I'm in Wisconsin:

Judith Jablonski and her husband Bob Wait with a Jackalope pad.


  1. It's like a breadcrumb trail in reverse. By the time you reach Chicago, you'll need a U-Haul van! Well, just reserve a a spot for the beauty from Southeastern Europe. (:

  2. That route (Wapa, Lima, etc.) is familiar to me. Yes, Wapakoneta has a charm of its own.

  3. What a beautiful report from the road. Made me feel like driving myself. I see a familiar nose in the last picture. Great this is happening

  4. Great road trip reporting - you drove through some gems of towns and demonstrated a typewriter magnate's typewriter magnetism! Looking forward to more from the meet.

  5. Oh, yes, thank you, the Toledo Blade, great name for a newspaper and a lovely building too.