Monday, April 22, 2019

Melancholy safari

This eerie factory on Cincinnati's West Side sums up my current mood.

"LUNKENHEIMER: The One GREAT Name in Valves"

My peregrinations through the city and neighboring towns on Saturday yielded a few typewriter sightings:

$125 for a Brother-made Sears portable, "as seen on Etsy for $275." No, at that price I certainly will "Not Play with typwriter."

$25 for this Smith-Corona Silent with a disconnected "I" typebar link and a bit of rust. The case is missing some hardware and is not quite like any SC case I've seen before; it's like the '50s "Holiday" cases, but is made of brown plastic. 

$75 for a wide-carriage Underwood no. 6 with a dealer's ad in an unusual place.

$85 for the notorious "Satanic" Brother-made Remington, the 666. 

$34 for this L.C. Smith Super-Speed that has seen happier days.

$125 for a wide-carriage Royal.

$175 for this "rare" olive-green L.C. Smith Secretarial.

Being a cheapskate, I bought the $25 Smith-Corona. It can be restored to support WordPlay.

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Just some views of a 1924 Royal 10 that I finished servicing today. It needed cleaning and new feed rollers. This typewriter belonged to my customer's great-grandmother. At some point it was rebuilt by Regal. (I would guess in the 1930s, since later rebuilds tended to alter the typewriters with plastic keys, wrinkle paint, and other "modern" touches.)