Sunday, May 24, 2020

Guest post: The IBM Model D Executive typewriter

I'm glad to present a guest post by Peter Stuart. Peter is known among typewriter collectors as an expert on typefaces, including the proportional typefaces offered on IBM Executive typewriters. He was recently featured on the Austin Typewriter, Ink. podcast.

Today, Peter kindly introduces us to the IBM Model D Executive, picking up where I left off over 9 years ago in a post about the Model C.

Peter has also sent me this sample of text that features the cool Shadow Printing feature. Can you tell how it was done?

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Blunderwood Portable, reborn

The Blunderwood Portable was a highlight of Burning Man 2015.

Photo by Michael Holden

At the end of the festival, the sculpture was burned down.

But a wealthy art collector in Mexico commissioned the Blunderwood's creators to make a new one last year.

Now there's a documentary about the construction of this beautiful new sculpture, including music from the Boston Typewriter Orchestra:

The Blunderwood Portable from GEOVISION on Vimeo.