Monday, October 4, 2010

How not to write


  1. very nice indeed ! Which typewriters did you use (I can see that you changed a few in the process) ? Another question: how did you manage to create a font using fontifier ? (the remington available for free on your site) I did try with little luck as it is very sensitive to the alignments in their specimen. I had more luck in creating a Hermes 3000 font that is very similar to this typecast - if you are are curious I can send it to you !

  2. Cool! did you have notes or just write straight through?

  3. I had some notes, written and mental, and tried hard to make the motivations and plot twists work out. It became a chore. As for the machines, looking at the typescript I can remember that I used a '30s Smith-Corona Sterling, an Olympia SM3, a Remington Noiseless Portable #7, and an Olympia SM8 (that's the unusual typeface on p. 22).

    Fontifier (and the better are very sensitive to alignment, as you say. I don't type directly on the template, but use Photoshop to place scanned typing on it. More recently I've done final tweaking with TypeTool.

    I've created quite a few typewriter fonts that I'll be putting up on my web site one of these days (I'll announce it here too). Yes, please send me your Hermes font! (polt at xavier dot edu) Thanks.

  4. I really enjoyed that story. If you're not going to finish it could you at least tell how it was going to turn out?

  5. You're setting the bar pretty high for us Typewriter Brigadiers. Meaning, having the fortitude to actually POST your first draft publicly.

    Wonder how many others will feel brave enough to follow suit? I'll likely not be in that number as - I'm finding out - my own personal first drafts are quite a bit more stream-of-conscience-ish than anyone should have to be subjected to.