Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yostcast; Or, Self-Reliance

Don't read this.

OK, now start reading.

Here's a glimpse of the Yost before restoration.

Fitting a radiator hose onto the old platen core:

The refurbished platen (it took some twisting and shoving and swearing):

The restored machine:

Trying to typecast:

Grasshopper action:


  1. Holy moley! The fact that you got the thing to work as well as you did is a miracle unto itself. Kudos on the MacGuyver-ing. It may just give me the prerequisite courage to head out and buy a hose to replace the obliterated platen on my garage-sale Silent Super...

  2. Incredible restoration job!
    Is it really our dystopian future to run around in leather scraps and feathers threatening each other with pointed sticks and empty shotguns for the last radiator hose in existence to recover the platens on our typewriters? Will we hunt mutant killer silkworms to make ribbons inked with elk blood and charcoal? It starts with a price increase at Ames, but where does it end? D:=

  3. That brake fluid trick worked a charm on my solid SM3 platen, and the feet of my Hermes Rocket. The platen that almost guaranteed an "o" shaped hole in the paper is now gentle enough to write two-sided documents. (and feed card stock!) Plus, the Hermes has been cured of his wanderlust. Great job on that Yost, too.

  4. Richard: The reason Evapo-rust took off some decals and paint is that there was rust forming under them. This can happen with painted metal and often causes bubbling of the paint from the under-layer of rust. -- Marty