Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot rod Tower typewriter

The Tower as found:

In process. I also removed the paint from the spacebar (that was easy):

I finally got a lazy susan for my workshop. It doesn't make much difference with a little typewriter like this, but when you're working on a 40-pound machine, the lazy susan comes in very handy and can help you avoid throwing out your back.

One of several mechanical problems was that the right ribbon advance wasn't working.

I traced the problem to a defective finger -- that's what I call it, at least -- which wasn't advancing the gear. Fortunately, I have a completely disassembled '60s Smith-Corona Corsair which has been very useful for parts, and it provided an intact finger (right). That's why you should never turn down a free or cheap typewriter, even if it's hopeless; the parts can be great!

Voila, the completed hot rod:

Before and after:

The model name plate on the back is missing (I believe it's a Chieftain). I'm going to wait until I find the perfect emblem or logo to glue on here.

And finally, in honor of the late Big Daddy Roth and with a tip of the fedora to notagain...


  1. I love living vicariously through you typewriter hot-rodders... That's a gorgeous blue!

  2. It *is* beautiful! Exactly the type of Skyriter I'd need to make my 'Studebaker' though... to be honest, I'd have to get two of them because I couldn't bear to modify a skyriter if I didn't already have one like it!

    It looks like you had fun doing it though, that's the stuff that's fun to do. :D

  3. Love it, well done! Beauriful job.

  4. Ballet dancer's legs, fat chrome decal and those key tops!