Saturday, August 11, 2012

Typing al fresco

My contribution to the typosphere's visions of writing spaces: I hung out on the porch today and answered some letters with my Facit TP1.


  1. ...Can I borrow your space for like, a week? That is a beautiful view!

    1. Thanks! What isn't evident is that the street is a busy one where something always seems to go wrong. The latest thing is a sinkhole that opened up; the city has covered it with a steel plate which goes "gaWONgk" every time a car runs over it.

      So this isn't a perfect space -- but I enjoy it anyway!

  2. Thanks for posting the picture. It reminds me of the porch on the house where I grew up. I loved to sit there on rainy days to read. Wonderful memories.

    Jeff The Bear

  3. Lovely spot!

    And as for the sinkhole, I have one about 500 meters from my house just like that, and I know exactly what that sound is.

    I'm starting to really find the short/coffee table height with a chair to be a very comfortable typing height myself. And what a lovely way to use your Facit!

  4. I envy you. Sure is an inviting porch. The one part of a house I miss is a nice porch.

    Sinkhole!? now that sounds like Florida, except here they swallow the entire house.

  5. Very nice and (seemingly) quiet spot. Stinks about the pothole, but it really looks like a lovely view. For a moment, I thought the top of the Facit case was some neat removable vinyl backing you had for one of the chairs.

  6. I call dibs on housesitting duties next time he's out of town.

  7. beautiful and picturesque!

    that seems like a high porch... it almost looks more like a balcony

  8. What a beautiful porch. I miss real porches. Out here in So Cal, new houses are all cookie-cutter track homes (including mine), and they're build on concrete foundations, not elevated, so there are almost no real step-up porches any longer. And even when they are built with some kind of of porch, they're cramped little spaces; nothing like what you have there. But I grew up around my grandparent's older home, where my mom's rather large family (she's #9 out of 17 kids) would gather every Sunday, and we'd all be hanging out on the porch and lawn.

    Nowadays, if you want a porch like that, you have to move into an older neighborhood. There are plenty of them still around, but you never see them in newer developments. It's too bad, because I think a porch like that is wonderful part of home life.

    Great Pic!

  9. What a lovely view. I wish we had that kind of porch!

  10. It looks like a very peaceful place - but still affording a view of what is going on around-and-about.