Saturday, April 20, 2013

Word Jam and Write-A-Thon

(Shhh ... next to all the action, things are quiet in the closed-off Urban Legend Institute.
How many typewriters can you spot in it?)

Four people busy on QWERTY keyboards ...


  1. Looks like an awesome event! I really love those images. It's so energizing to watch those videos with the band of young typers and the sound of the chorus of keys. WordPlay is such an inspiration, thanks for sharing, Richard.

    Cool to see that kid typing furiously on the Olivetti Studio 46. ( :

  2. What a great event! Looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves.
    That one girl in the video was really typing quite fast. The videos were great.
    That little girl in the pink at the end of the table is adorable.
    Good to see all the typewriters in use.

    I counted 13 in the U.L.I.

    1. Hm, I need to recount, I got 12 (including one in the poster).

    2. I see 14 including the poster.

    3. I did not count the one in the poster. I only looked for physical machines.

  3. What can I say... .Kids love typewriters!

    As to adults. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  4. Children don't learn enough reading and writing these days. Libraries close, computers tell you how to spell, so events like this really are amazing!

  5. Gee that is great to see! I also love it how you call jumping castles 'bouncy houses'

  6. what a fantastic day at WordPlay! Carry on and keep Typing! (: