Friday, December 12, 2014

Public typewriter update

The public typewriter I set up in my office building is getting regular use. It's fun to go to the lounge in the morning and see what clever things have appeared on it. Try this in your workplace!


(I wrote the "scoop." The latest is that the story should appear at the end of this month.)

And one colleague has even provided some carbon paper:


  1. ha! Capital operation you have there, Agent Polt! :D

  2. Great fun!
    Nice background drawing of the radio-typewriter btw. It caught my attention on ebay as well. I will not bid on it though ;)

  3. Brilliant, I especially liked the footprints in the snow!

  4. Love the footprints.

    Hope you've had a wonderful Birthday!

  5. Ha ha ha. Oh nice. Lovely way to spread the love. And with an SM3 too.... The natural choice really.

  6. Or an SG3.... uuuurg. I really need a holiday.