Thursday, February 12, 2015

Underwood Electric: a new logo

When I first got my Underwood Electric, it had the remnants of a '50s Underwood logo decal showing on its gray wrinkle paint.

The wrinkle paint has been blasted off, but the logo is back—in 3D.

Someone was selling a bad manual Underwood for $15, Buy It Now. They were happy to accept an offer of $15 just for the logo. It turns out that this logo is very thin stamped metal; in order to strengthen it and to have a flat surface on its back that could be glued to the typewriter shell, I filled in the back with Milliput. Now it's been epoxied to the shell and is drying.


A point goes to whoever can identify the object at the bottom of this photo. 

Hint: like Milliput, it's a British product.


  1. aww, you scoundrel! You chose the perfect logo! That looks super shiny! :D

  2. Those old Underwood logos are my favorite.

  3. Yes, it's Renaissance Micro-crystaline wax polish, By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen Suppliers of Products For Restorationand Conservation etc etc...
    Super Duper Logo! Really want to see the machine whirring into action again. Soon!

  4. How could I have missed Renaissance wax when I use it often!

  5. You always did have a thing for that logo. As do I, of course. I still have the mug with the non-text version.