Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ETCetera no. 109

The latest ETCetera has been published.

I'm returning as editor after a couple of years off. Nick Tauriainen (x over it) is doing the layout, and this issue's authors include Robert Messenger (ozTypewriter), Peter Weil (typewriter historian extraordinaire), Ted Munk (To Type, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth... and The Typewriter Database), and Greg Fudacz (Antikey Chop).

From my editorial:

Ted is a prominent typospherian, and his contribution to this magazine favored by typosaurians (as Jos Legrand has dubbed them) is much appreciated. But what are typospherians and typosaurians, exactly? Typosaurians focus on collecting odd, early, and rare specimens, and they prize their printed reference works. Typospherians are digitally fluent, and take at least as much interest in common midcentury typewriters as in antiques, because they like to actually type on their machines. ... Although typospherians and typosaurians may tend to have different predilections, there’s no need for them to be at odds. I consider myself a member of both tribes, and the groups can clearly benefit from each other. 

More information on the magazine, including lots of back issues that you can download for free, is here.

Oh, and that font we're using for the masthead is my Cassandre Graphika.


  1. Cant wait to read it! Always makes my day when it comes in the mail

  2. It has not only been published - it has arrived as well!

  3. I'm curious to see what Ted's contribution is! As for Nick, who has a great eye for light and minimalist colour, this should be a very interesting layout change.