Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Going (briefly) off the grid

Meanwhile, if you'd like to anticipate what my next blog post may be 
about, take a look at this ad. I feel a good, old-fashioned typewritten rant coming on!


  1. I suspect your next post will have a nightmarish quality. :)

  2. The graphic in the ad reminds me of a cross between a marionette puppet and an Alexander Calder mobile. Looking forward to your article. And happy digital sabbath.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving/digi-sabbatical!

    Heh, "Internet of Things". I expect you'll have some fun thoughts on that. :D

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Richard!

    I'll reserve my rant on the nonsensical IOT.

  5. Now I am curious. How did you get the small TH after the date? What typewriter has a TH symbol other than maybe a Selectric, and that machine is not a Selectric.