Friday, December 11, 2015

New York, New York!



Patrick gives the Tippa a try at the Onegin Russian restaurant. (Here's his blog.)

Rob also takes it for a whirl. (His blogs.)

A few more beauty shots of the Tippa and the view from the porthole:

Underwood Building:


And here is the Lopate interview. They've titled the segment "Be prepared for 'no typewriter' signs in cafes," which I hope means that the cafes will apologize for not having typewriters available!


  1. Robert Polt? :D

    Another great interview. I'm guessing Lopate was a bit on the skeptical side. Still, I'm amazed at how many people don't think to google for typewriter ribbon, or even know what it's called. You are an excellent enlightener. (:

  2. Congratulations on the Tippa!

    Great interview, some deep thoughts, good reaction from the public. And we were able to learn something new about you - your middle name perhaps? ;)

  3. A really good piece of radio with some lovely stories. We really do need a 'you can still buy typewriter ribbon' campaign though!

  4. Great interview! The caller comments bring to light the attraction of typewriters and typing. I doubt any computer will ever bring back good memories.

    I love Mr. Lopate's comment on spell checking. I've never seen so many correctly spelled wrong words ever as I have over the past 10 years or so as everyone relies on computer spell checkers.

    I come from a small town and ever time I've visited (and even now when I visit) a city I spend my time looking up and admiring the architecture. There is so much to see in a city I'll never understand why so many people spend their time squinting down staring at small screens.

    Do you archive all your interviews? They will make great heirlooms to pass on to you children and even grand children.

  5. The various Tippa incarnations are my favorite portable machines for when portable makes a difference. I look forward to a report on how difficult it is to remove the platen for servicing.

    Enjoy NYC. It's an amazing place!

  6. What a pleasure to get to meet face to face, Richard. And to have my first encounter with a Gossen Tippa to boot! I just read the LARB piece, and it is excellent. How useful that word "privacing" is and how accurately you've identified its need.