Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Caligraph progress

I've been getting back to my Caligraph (which I can now confirm is a model 2).

The carriage had to be disassembled almost completely for cleaning, but I think I've got it back together. (This photo shows it before most cleaning.) Note the faceted platen on this machine, due to the fact that the type faces are flat, not curved to accommodate a cylindrical platen.

After washing the keys in Scrubbing Bubbles and a detergent solution, I reattached them in the proper (silly) order.

The front plate is looking better after cleaning and waxing.

The dirty paint is getting cleaned with Soft Scrub.

The typebars got individually cleaned.

Getting there!


  1. Oooh! I would love to find that silly order at some point on my shelf... :D

  2. Excellent work! It looks like it will probably turn out pretty well and be worth the effort.

  3. It's looking exponentially better than it had when you threw it into your car. I always found it ridiculous that the companys producing the double-keyboards didn't see the superiority of the shifting single-keyboard. The sheer amount of time and material saved by not producing twice as many typebars, levers, and the associated adjustments and such otherwise required should have been seen as a huge boost to profit per machine.

  4. Looks like it coming back to life - great work (:

  5. I found some reference images for old Yosts showing a faceted platen. It does make a certain sense, especially as cylindrical rubber gets harder.

  6. P.S. How I envy you the convenience of a ribbon for inking!