Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nanonovel no. 16: Operation Messiah


  1. I like how vague this one is, there could be several different things which Nora intends to do!
    What are your thoughts on the Praxis? Is it worth trying to pick one up? I think the keys look super cool but unless it is somehow way better than most electrics I think I'm OK without one.

    1. It IS way better! I got to try one at Herman's and decided to get my own. What's special is that it mechanically prevents you from depressing two keys at once or typing when the shift isn't all the way up or down. So the text comes out very regular, and I find that I can go really, really fast on this typewriter and still get good results. It's not too noisy when waiting for you to type, and it has a pleasant sound and rhythm when you're writing.

  2. Love that Praxis. I owned one of those back in the 80s. I loved the wow factor of its design and the unconventional to me keys. First typewriter I ever bought. I did not like the narrow carriage and in a few years replaced it with an IBM Selectric-II. Now I wish I still had them both.