Friday, January 13, 2017

James Baldwin speaks from a public typewriter

The public typewriter that I set up in my office building some time ago doesn't get a lot of use, but once in a while it proves its value, as when I found a wonderful quote from James Baldwin on it the other day.


  1. W o W :D
    It's an Olympia SG 3!! :D
    I love that typewriter! xD

    James Baldwin... It reminds me of the name of a famous guy, but I can't remember it with accuracy... :(

    1. Ah yes, your favorite model!

      Baldwin was a widely respected African-American writer. He used an Adler standard, Adler Gabriele 35, Olympia SM7, and Smith-Corona Coronamatic 2200. (Photos here.)

  2. A poem right out of The Enchanted Typewriter.

  3. How happy is that typewriter after all those memos and minutes and business correspondence!

  4. I'd like to hear from Albert alligator -- over there in the margin ---->>>>>