Monday, January 22, 2018

A good mail day

Typewritten letters are a great part of belonging to the typosphere. And just now, four of them arrived in my mailbox! Thank you, correspondents.

(Yes, that is a new old phone. More on that in a future blog post.)


  1. It's always special getting typed correspondence.

  2. It looks like the other person using script has the same script I do! Mine was typed on an Adler Universal, but I would guess they typed theirs on something different. Maybe an Olympia...

    1. Yes, that's a neat coincidence. Did some American typewriters use this style, too? At least something close to it is found on an RC Allen VisOmatic I have, and on some Smith-Coronas.

    2. Judie L here, that was me on my SC Classic 12 in lovely script font.😊