Friday, February 16, 2018

Typewritten twitterature at Cincinnati's Mercantile Library

Last night, Cincinnati's beautiful Mercantile Library opened its doors to curious, fun-loving, and book-loving people who were invited to explore the stacks and participate in literary activities.

Here are a couple of books I spotted in the stacks:

There's our typewriter-loving friend David McCullough.

This 1614 book on Egypt is the oldest in the library's collection.

Librarian Cedric Rose happily uses an Olivetti Studio 44 at his desk.

Outside the stacks, activities included trying out a small 19th-century letterpress:

WordPlay Cincy was on the scene with typewriters:

The challenge was to compose "twitterature" at a typewriter. Here are my three efforts:

Some people found the experience quite challenging ...

... but the challenge was fun!

Try typewritten twitterature at your next party!


  1. Looks like a great time at a great library. I'd love to visit those old books.

  2. oh lordy, what's a Scrittore doing there? :D

    1. You have a good eye. Several new Scrittores were donated to WordPlay a couple of years ago, and most of them are still plugging away.