Saturday, March 24, 2018

Decals and Puerto Rico

A couple of unrelated items:

1) Here's a 1927 Underwood no. 5 that came in for service to Urban Legend Typewriters. A common machine, with some flaws, but I rarely see Underwoods of this age with such nice paint and decals. This helps me imagine just how pretty a brand-new Underwood no. 5 would have been. (The bell works beautifully, too! Often they're feeble.)

2) A Puerto Rican correspondent tells me about one bright spot in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria:

"You can't imagine the number of people and businesses that resuscitated their old typewriters and cash registers. A local woman who repairs these machines (she inherited the business from her husband and father-in-law) told me that customers have come to her from all over the island."


  1. A bright spot in P.R. for the typewriter repair lady.

    That sure is a beautiful No. 5!

  2. a bright bell on a 5? wonders shall never cease :D

  3. Interesting story about Puerto Rico .. so many sad stories can be told about the aftermath ... yet there is always some positive to be found. Thanks for sharing this bright spot!

  4. Hello, I have a question regarding ur noiseless.. I have one as well.. And my space bar part does not work, nor does it move when typing.. On the bottom of the typewriter there is a spring that is loose, which was loose since I got it.. can u take a picture of the bottom so I can see it? I haven’t gotten much luck finding the manual for the noiseless, and still trying to find a shop where I live to see if they can fix it.. but until than I was hope u could take a picture of the bottom of ur machine and perhaps I can repair it myself.. I really need to use it for a project I am working on.. Hope to hear from u soon!!

    1. Sure. Send me an e-mail at I assume you mean a noiseless portable.