Monday, May 13, 2019

What is this madness?

On my latest trip, I found this little tablet on the table by my bed in the hotel room.

It was inviting me to read a welcome message, check out the Wall Street Journal, review the weather, and who knows what else.

Can it be true that most travelers want yet another screen in their lives? One that may be spying on them, for all they know?

Yes, the device has cameras in both front and back:

I stuck it between the pages of a good, old-fashioned, printed guide to local attractions.

No thanks, Keypr/Intelity.


  1. also, microphones. /:
    Did you try factory resetting it back to the original ROM state? :D

    1. I would love to put it in a coma, but I wouldn't know how.
      Good point about the mics!

    2. usually a little hole somewhere on the back, just big enough to fit a bent paperclip into. it's a recessed button - push it in for 30 seconds and that oughta do it. It'll reset back to the internal original factory ROM image, which would be some vanilla version of Android.

  2. Creepy! Is this how headstones are gonna be?

  3. Looks like your watch was 2 minutes slow. How do you survive?