Thursday, February 13, 2020

The revolution is global

It's gratifying to see my book and Manifesto crop up here and there, at moments when typists choose to resist the Paradigm. I get wind of some of these insurgent activities on Instagram (as I've said, the typosphere is in the Internet, but not of it).

At the Barrington, Rhode Island public library, teenagers can try colorful portables.

This event was made possible by dedicated typist Alayne White.

In Mexico City, poet Javier Tinajero (nuberrante or "wandering cloud" on Instagram) also embraces the Manifesto as he works on his Remington portable.

And in Toronto, Jennine celebrates a triumph: "This was my first ribbon, it will not be my last. Viva the revolution!"


  1. Good to see the Revolution lives on.

  2. Forward, unto the breach!

    Jennine's picture feels like a mix between the Statue of Liberty and Rosie the Riveter at first glance.

    1. Exactly! She could become an icon of our movement if she wants to.

    2. hmmn, might have to Soviet up a poster with that as the base. (:

    3. Boom! :D

  3. At last! I'm not the only Mexican into this! <3