Sunday, May 24, 2020

Guest post: The IBM Model D Executive typewriter

I'm glad to present a guest post by Peter Stuart. Peter is known among typewriter collectors as an expert on typefaces, including the proportional typefaces offered on IBM Executive typewriters. He was recently featured on the Austin Typewriter, Ink. podcast.

Today, Peter kindly introduces us to the IBM Model D Executive, picking up where I left off over 9 years ago in a post about the Model C.

Peter has also sent me this sample of text that features the cool Shadow Printing feature. Can you tell how it was done?


  1. it was done with real verve, that's how! :D

  2. For me, electric typewriters are out of my heart, but many write very beautifully.

  3. I'm curious how you typed that last line. I suspect you typed it once, then returned to the starting position without a line advance, spaced 2 units, then retyped the same line. I doubt you typed a character, then backspace followed by a 2 unit space forward before retyping the same letter. I like it.