Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maiden typecast


  1. My wife and I were having a debate about that Remington. She was sure you painted it yourself. I, using bullet-proof logic, insisted that it was a factory job - I mean, look: there are TWO of them. Must be factory. (That same logic, I suppose, comes into play when, upon discovering a troubling lump somewhere on your physical person, you immediately search for a corresponding lump on the other side and are relieved to find one...)

    But so anyway, obviously she was right. And now I've got the taste of my own hat in my mouth.

  2. Thanks for sharing your hatification!

    I like how they came out. Of course, just about anything would be better than the Remington paints of the early '50s, such as Korean Beige, Khaki Fog, and Twilight Tweed ...

  3. August of 2010 :D

    Happy 2 year anniversary, Professor!