Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The patron saint of typewriter collectors


  1. Question regarding your Royal KMM. What is the action like on it compared to the portable models (ie. Quiet Deluxes)?


  2. It's great — machine-gun fast. The springy, bouncy touch is adjustable within a wide range of resistance. The Royal QDL's are fine portables, but I don't think they provide the same level of satisfaction. In my opinion, the Olympia SM9 is the only portable that can compare.

  3. Not too many st Vincent depauls around me these days: did many close? A year or so ago I remembering yelping to find local st vinniies... There is one in long beach and nowhere else in Orange County. How can that be? Good wills have been expanding, new stores opening even here in my own city of Yorba Linda, but it seems that while it is secondhand stuff, there isn't much "vintage", let alone a typewriter. I've given up on the goodwill brick & mortar.
    Okay I just googled and found another st vinniies... Near dodger stadium. Neither long beach or la is too convenient but for curiosity's sake I'll call them.
    Nice kolibri!