Friday, September 24, 2010



  1. I'm hearing more about this pursuit of solitude in the face of digital overload, "information environmentalism" I've heard it called. Think it will become an official movement of sorts? Is it even a concept people under 30 can relate to at all?

  2. Thanks. Hadn't heard that phrase! All-Seeing Google reveals that it isn't very popular recently, but "information pollution" is.

    To judge from my students, most won't get the concept at all -- those are the people texting and Facebooking in class. Others -- the ones who ask if I have any spare typewriters! -- do understand the virtues of silence, concentration, and nature.

  3. I think that some people under 30 can relate to that concept. I'm 17, and really don't like the digital overload we've been faced with, and I can think of some friends that would agree with me. The only reason I use my computer more than my typewriters is out of necessity -- when I write papers for class I often don't have time to handwrite or typewrite a first draft. I have to make so many changes between the rough drafts and final draft that a digital copy is essential. Even so, I'm keeping an Underwood 5 in the back room of my Journalism class for rough drafts of newspaper articles.