Monday, September 6, 2010

Response from Matt


  1. Matt, that is a unique Skyriter indeed. I have an early 1960's Skyriter (made in England with the 4Y prefix on the model number) that shares some of its features with yours. Mine has that same large carriage return lever, and a similar modern looking badge. The Smith-Corona lettering is smaller, with SCM written in blocks next to it. However, the keys on my Skyriter are thicker than the ones on yours. I also agree with you on how it types, I love mine. I only have one complaint, which is that occasionally the carriage jumps a space, leaving words separ ated like that. Do you have the same issue?

  2. Oh yes! It does get annoying when the carriage jumps! I think it's the way the typewriter was designed, as I find that if you go slow and easy, the carriage doesn't jump. But, i usually fly on this thing! Glad you enjoyed my typewriter!