Saturday, January 15, 2011



  1. My Adler Primus (same basic machine, remember) had the same problem, and from what I hear, most early '60s Triumphs and Adlers exhibit this.

    The feet rest atop and around arrow-shaped prongs protruding from the base. The rubber material that makes up the feet has shrunk as it's hardened, effectively permanently harpooning themselves upon the prongs.

    You *can* wedge a flat screwdriver beneath the feet and pry them off the prongs with a lot of muscle and an extra pair of fingers crossed that you don't damage the base in the process.

  2. So, did it ever come off?

    I don't have an Adler or Triumph from this era, but I recall that the very first time I pried my ABC off its base it felt practically glued on there. It did come off in the end though, and went back on afterwards with no ill effects.