Monday, January 13, 2014

Typewriters telling tales

At The Urban Legend Institute, WordPlay Cincy's store,
I've added a couple of refurbished typewriters, complete with urban legends
that may or may not be true ... 


  1. Rhett, the Royal KH, looks amazingly clean and slick! Whoever gets to own it is lucky.

  2. The Underwood is a pearl. Does Rhett get to write, "Frankly, my dear ..."?

  3. I take it that the Royal has come to 'Kleen zie pooooool'. (cue funky music).
    Mmmm.... Rhett Royal is indeed a great porn name, to go with that mo.

  4. ..... Not that I would ever watch such stuff.

  5. The Underwood serves beautifully in illustrating what a drop-dead gorgeous typewriter the Royal is - from any angle. Fiction both. The alphabet they use in Russia is called Cyrillic - but you knew that :-)

    1. Yes, I'm afraid Pearl is a bit of an ugly duckling.

      Her story is true, though.

      The Greek letters that Pearl (and any Roman-alphabet typewriter) can write are:
      (Transliterated back into Roman, that's etyioraēkzchbnm)

      The Russian letters that Pearl can write are:
      (Transliterated back into Roman, that's etorankkhsvm)

      There are different variants of Cyrillic; I specified Russian because Ukrainian Cyrillic includes the letter I, while Russian does not.

    2. Now I want to know how many Greek and Russian words can be crafted with the letters on a standard Roman alphabet typewriter.

    3. Good question. My Russian is basically nonexistent. I know some Greek and can see that some words can be formed, for instance NIKH = nikē = victory, or MANIA = mania = madness.