Thursday, March 13, 2014

The boys at the keys

I said in my previous post that there wasn't quite as much click-clacking at WordPlay Cincy these days,  but when I stopped by today, there were many happy mechanical sounds, including those produced by these three eager boys.

The typewriters are a blue Tippa S and two Royal Scrittores. The Tippa was donated by Natalie Tan, and the Scrittores were donated by a local company that used them in a typing competition last July that promoted their product, the TREWgrip mobile keyboard.



  1. It's really fascinating to watch kids type. I brought one of my machines to class and let my students (high school students) type on it. They were mesmerized. Quite fascinated. One student exclaimed, "Backspace doesn't delete!"

  2. Lovely! We had some youngsters tentatively try typewriters at the Type-In in Brisbane last weekend, though in most cases curiosity didn't lead to full-on attempts to type. But typewriters, in my experience, never fail to fascinate.

  3. PS: The tray under the Antares 20 I posted on last night was full of letters typed by someone obviously very young, though perhaps early teens.

  4. Those fellows sure look like they are enjoying themselves.

    Click-clacking at WordPlay may increase as homework decreases.

  5. The revolution is strongest in the eyes of the youth