Friday, July 4, 2014

A happy 4th


  1. A gorgeous setting for the Fourth of July, and a type writer! Same to you!

  2. Oh, is that a Lamy FP you have there by the Excessive coffee cup?

    1. It's a Pilot Namiki vanishing point.

  3. That's a very nice setting you have. But that typewriter doesn't look American to me... ;-]

  4. You've got a great place for typing.

    Happy 4th!

  5. Beautiful day for typing. Looks like you had a great day. And I like your choice of typewriter - sometimes it is hard to remember that, like Australia, many of the great people in America came from overseas.

  6. Happy 5th! (late as usual)

  7. I'm wondering if you got the VP in that nice green because it complements some of your 50s machines... perhaps a Studio 44 or a Hermes 3000 ? :)

  8. always envious of your front porch. such an idyllic typing setting.
    for me: no typing spot except for the dining table.
    one day once we get the garage organized and i get my work table, ill type in there but it's a garage so thereby stuffy.
    of course, there's always going out to a park.
    nice pen and princess - no wonder you use it so much: it's got the qwerty layout - that's gotta be rare.
    there's a pretty nice blue olympia sf on the bay ending today but not sure if i should hold out for a princess instead. i know how nice the sf is, once i tried out yours. those princesses are pretty sweet though. or maybe i should just be content with the kolibri and L22 and tippa and hermes baby.
    this is a sickness alright.