Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Poems on the public typewriter

The Hinkle Hall public typewriter is getting some use!


  1. It's very nice seeing this beautiful big machine starting a new job as a creative writing tool. Fantastic!

    Hmm... maybe that could be a new job for the Resistance, type limerics and send them to HQ with a photo of the liberated writing instrument they used... I'll tell the local agent.

  2. Good to see the typewriter is getting used.

  3. Absolutely awesome. If only two folks interacted - that's two people who would not have otherwise given the typewriter a second thought.

    I remember that grimy, sticker-laden beasty in your tertiary storage barn. :-) Nice job on her!!!

  4. There once was a professor from Xavier,
    who started all kinds of behaviour;
    He said 'Look at this,
    It writes with real bliss.'
    And now he's a typewriter saviour!