Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thank you, computer

A brief dispatch from the digital domain: I'm working hard to produce a final-final text for my book, using MS Word's Track Changes and Comment features to respond to my very good copyeditor's queries and make a few last adjustments.

This is one job I would not want to do by typewriter.


  1. There are a few things & times where we need to succumb to the digital rhelm.

  2. Ha, yes, a tedious and detailed process whatever system you have to use.

  3. Ah the joys of editing. I can't say the Track Changes process is elegant, but on the whole, any copy/structure editing is only going to improve the text. And but it feels good to sling out the occasional STET.

  4. At least you don't substitute your Namiki with CorelPainter for your doodling... :)

    1. Never! :)

      If the designer likes my suggestion, several of my odd little typewriter doodles will appear in the book, such as the current background for this blog.

  5. I love that doodle. And I, too, frequently enjoy the use of MS Word's editing features as I submit my reports on groundwater cleanup progress to our wonderful technical editor. I say, if it works, use it, whether current technology or 60 years old. In that line, or granddaughter recently commented to us, "Oh, you've got a real phone", noting that my wife and I had recently adopted a smart phone. Not sure if it works yet.

  6. Now that's heresy, Richard. I abhor track changes in MS Word. My brain just doesn't register the way the program displays the edits. I can't read the paragraphs to see if they sing. Give me a typewriter, red pen, scissor and tape.