Saturday, July 11, 2015

Exotic characters: &/or


Thank you, Jim! It's nice to hear from you. This is the only typewriter I've ever seen with this exotic character. I happily remember trying it out when I was in London. I'm reminded of the old academic joke about a theologian who published a blistering critique of Kierkegaard's Either/Or, titled Both/And. When he was accused of being unfair to Kierkegaard, he reconsidered and followed up with a book called Both/And And/Or Either/Or.

PS: Jim has used my Lucien font to write the name and address of Aloes Books.

PPS: I'm about to go out of town for a month, so postal mail won't get any speedy replies. I plan to report on a type-in in Berkeley, California this coming Friday and the typewriter scene in Portland, Oregon.

PPPS, personal to theshytypospherian: Thank you for your kind and encouraging note.


  1. That sure is a unique symbol. I've never seen one before -- anywhere.

    The wrong Friday for the Type-in for me. I'll be in the area (Sacramento) the following week and then S. CA the following week.

  2. Have fun in the California sun & take lots of pics at the Type-in (:

    reminds me, I should put that on the type-in page..