Friday, August 7, 2015

A visit to Ace Typewriter

Joining us at Ace was Portland resident and regular client Ethan Jewett:

Ethan, Matt, and Lewis check out my Junior 58:

An early Underwood 3-bank getting the Ace treatment:

Some 19th-century machines inhabit a top shelf:

My Junior enjoys the ambience of 1962, complete with a cigarette butt in the lamp/ashtray:

We inspect a folding Erika:

Lewis' gleaming Harris:

Nick gives the Harris a whirl:

Matt demonstrates a keytop removal tool:

Three painted Quiet De Luxe sisters:

This gadget is for rewinding ribbons:

Matt's dad started the practice of peeling old labels off machines that were in for service. He saved them all. This is now a historical archive ... as is the whole shop.

Some panoramas (click for a better view):

Thanks for the hospitality!


  1. (Calling behind me) "Hey babe!"
    (from the other room) "Yeah?!"
    (Me) "Pack up the kids: we're moving to Portland OR!"

    Thank God for places like Ace Typewriter :) Safe travels, Richard.

  2. Very cool - thanks!!! ~TH~

  3. Looks like a great place. I will plan to visit the next time I am on the left coast.

  4. hmmn, did you ask if his dad kept inventory records in the 60's/70's? (:

    1. Didn't think to ask. But it wouldn't surprise me. There are lots of files in there.

  5. Old repair shops of any kind are truly places of wonder. The typewriter shop is no exception. If allowed I could get lost in that place quite a long time. They've got some really nice looking typewriters.

  6. That looks very nice! especially the blue baby selectric :)

  7. Yes! I'm not the only one who likes the labels!

  8. Wow, what an incredible place!

  9. Did you take a plane or a time machine to Portland?

  10. I journey in the AM to this holy place, the first of for this pilgrim. I recently started collecting--and how lucky for me I live in PDX.

  11. Gee, glad to hear you all like my local shop.