Thursday, March 31, 2016

Val's visit and poem #1

I enjoyed a brief visit yesterday from Valentine Brkich, writer, dad, typist, and blogger. He's attending the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop in Dayton and took the time to pop down to Cincinnati to talk typewriters with me. In this photo, Val enjoys the feel and sound of my massive Optima M10.

In other news, just the other day I was wondering whether there's such a thing as National Poetry Writing Month. Well, there is, and we have reached it! Billimarie Robinson says she'll be creating a poem every day for the month of April. I'm joining in. I hope you enjoy my little typed wordclumps. Even better, give poetry a try yourself.

Here's poem #1.


  1. Small and beautiful, like a Kolibri! (:

  2. So envious that my friend Val got to meet you but I didn't! (I'm also at the Erma Bombeck workshop.) He did, though, do me the favor of taking my copy of your book to sign. Thanks again for including a tiny part of my blog entry on our type-in in your amazing book!

    1. Your description of the type-in is truly hilarious. I rate it five bombecks.

  3. Love the blog! That guy, Val? He seems vaguely familiar... I think he writes and lives in my neck of the woods.... LoL! Your first poem made my day. I thank you for sharing. Will definitely return for more typewriters, poetry and fellows. Have a creative week!