Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Country Caligraph and poems 10 & 12

It was a beautiful morning for a drive through southern Ohio today. I paused in Georgetown to take a few pictures.

What brought me out of the city, aside from the sunny weather? This machine which was waiting for me in Russellville. It's going to be fun to restore it.

National Poetry Month continues. I forgot to post poem #10 a couple of days ago.

That one was inspired by a childhood memory. Here is #12.


  1. Are philosophers always such excellent poets? Also, whatzit? :D

    1. It's either a Caligraph no. 2 or a Caligraph no. 3. I have to check my references.

  2. What a charming old town - and what a charming old Caligraph . That looks like a lot of fun. I have been enjoying your series of poems - perhaps you'll get the Caligraph working enough to get a poem out of it. I bet it's full of poems.

  3. Rust, dust, and faded black;
    From writing, this old machine has been held back.
    But it has survived its fight against time, this Caligraph.
    And it will, most assuredly, have the last laugh.