Saturday, April 8, 2017

Oliver No. 11 typewriter

Manufactured ca. 1923 (The Typewriter Database).

Paper table decal:

Decal above keyboard:

Click for a high-resolution version of the flying hands decal:

Feel free to use this image for a rubber stamp, stationery, or even a temporary tattoo. I did!

The No. 11 was touted as a fast and quiet machine, as in this Popular Mechanics ad from May 1923. These claims are ... well ... imaginative.


  1. That things in great shape. And you're right about Olivers; It's a bloody miracle they survived as long as they did. Mine have a rather heavy touch that gets fatiguing quickly.

  2. How was the price compared to its' contemporaries?
    It looks like a lot of the works is accessible- is that right?
    Yours looks stunning!

    1. Thanks. I think $100 or more was typical for conventional frontstroke office typewriters. And yes, most of the mechanisms are easy to reach.

  3. Beautiful Oliver. Amazing comparison of the past selling price to the present prices.

  4. Every one that I've seen has been an inoperable paper weight, so I'm glad to see yours in action.

  5. The Oliver Speedster, faster than other slow typewriters!

  6. Thanks for the info - nice clean condition - better than mine !