Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Poem 09: Ilícito

Mexican typospherian Armando Warner (creator of a new blog, The Mechanical Typewriter Page) opened his own dictionary at random to provide my new poetic challenge.

Translation: All knowledge is illicit. To violate is to know. Opinion without a struggle is mere appearance. — But is there knowledge without love? Is pain required? Caresses also teach us and have their own flavor.


  1. I understand it! :D

    W o W <3
    An ancient typewriter with Spanish keyboard! :D

  2. Richard: no había notado la fotografía de la Máquina de Escribir con que escribiste el mensaje. "Patria". Es una marca contrastante con el sentido de pertenencia (de la Máquina como lugar) que siento por la Máquina.

    Un abrazo!