Sunday, April 29, 2018

Poem 20: Epicenter

When I spotted this Webster's at an antique mall, I took the opportunity to find my new theme for a poem. I also picked up a device for writing a poem: a 1950 Royal KMG for only $35. I cleaned the typewriter, equipped it with a new ribbon, and used to write comments on a batch of student papers as well as this poem. Tomorrow it goes on sale at Urban Legend Typewriters.


  1. I've got a typewriter in my collection from that same typewriter shop.

    1. Neat. For some reason I've seen their labels on multiple typewriters recently.

  2. Crikey! Great stuff. Some lovely imagery

  3. That's a perfect example for Robin Williams' character in Dead Poets Society on his theory why the language was invented... ;)

  4. I love that no matter what bargain KMGs and KMMs abound. If you were on a budget and just wanted a typewriter to play with you could hardly do better than to get one of these.
    Nice poem too!

  5. Wait a minute!! My Olympia SM8 is from the same shop!!

  6. Want a typewriter that really sounds like a typewriter? The rat-a-tat-tat of the KMG is hard to beat. It's one of my favorites.