Monday, June 4, 2018

Remington 24: Darth Vader's other typewriter

Optima M10 (more)
Remington 24

DV's helmet

This Model 24 from 1967 ...

... is essentially the same machine as this Model 17 from 1939 (more):

Let's remove the shell and see:

It's considerably more compact without that great, big shell.

But what was that about "Foldamatic construction"?— Let me illustrate. You remove 6 screws, loosen 2, and then ...

Everything is laid out on the operating table, ready for cleaning and repair.

As for the shell, I don't know who designed this beauty, but I bet Robert Messenger can tell us.

Ready for work:

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  1. Very neatly designed typewriter. I really like the way it opens for maintenance.

  2. Ooh, looks very neat! I predict that the Fold-A-Matic feature will make these Super-Riter and later Remingtons very desirable to collectors. (:

  3. I believe it was Carl Sundberg

    1. Chances are good—he did a lot of work for Remington in the '60s—but I haven't confirmed it.

  4. In the third photo of the four about folding, the typewriter takes on a sinister robotic face!

  5. Steampunk wrapped up in Cyberpunk!

  6. I'm not usually much for more modern machines, but those both look stunning and fun to type on.

  7. I'm assuming the carriage lever makes an electromagnetic whoOOoosh sound.