Thursday, October 10, 2019

How to make typewriter ribbon ink

A friend sent me these pages from The Standard Formulary, by Albert Ethelbert Ebert and A. Emil Hiss (Chicago: G. P. Engelhard & Co., 1897). You might want to print them so they'll be handy when digital civilization collapses. Then all you need is a few everyday items such as purified animal charcoal or mucilage of acacia.

Personally, being a poor cook, I hope that the professional typewriter ribbon makers will stick around for the rest of my life.


  1. Quite a recipe.
    I'll stay with purchasing my ribbons also.

  2. Petrolatum and Fire. Why does that sound like a recipe for disaster?

  3. ¡Estamos en las mismas, Richard: pobres cocineros! Y no estoy muy seguro de que en la cocina dos pobres puedan mejorar el trabajo, ¡jajaja!
    Yo también deseo que los fabricantes de cintas vivan por siempre.

    Si me das permiso, copiaré esta receta en el blog de Californication.

    ¡Un abrazo!

  4. Danke schön, jetzt bin ich auf die Apokalypse vorbereitet!

  5. Digital civilization don't collapse... but many people are discovering the pleasure of analog devices... surely it will be fun to try to make a self-made ribbon. Maybe with different colors from Black, Red, Blue and Purple!

  6. Tomorrow I plan to roast some bones for my supply of animal charcoal.