Friday, June 24, 2011

From Russia With Indifference

The Ortekh:

Side by side comparison

Paperwork from the Ortekh:

The primary workers are named on the test sheet: Soboleva, Martinov, and Moiseeva. I have to say the alignment in 1993 was good.

Sloppy Ortekh logo:

The Moskva's psychedelic plastic spool:

Price 110 rubles:

Seen online: an early Moskva with impressive decals.

A later model, which I would guess came between the decal model and my Moskva:

-- And I'd guess that this model came between my Moskva and my Ortekh:


  1. very cool. love the glimpse of the history.
    there's a Japy Script on shopgoodwill within driving distance of you, maybe someone coming to your gathering would want it.

  2. Very interesting find. And with that kind of a $20 temptation, it was a lost cause. I just gave in to a temptation myself for $27, my first real antique, museum type. I figured, I had to celebrate Typewriter Day a little more and reading your post, I really feel I'm not alone by any measure ( :

    (notagain, I bought the antique over that label-less Japy on Shopgoodwill)

    Great comparisons with the other Russian machines, I'm learning a lot.

  3. Correction: my temptation was $23.59!

  4. I failed to get a Cyrillic Lettera a month or so back. Son egging me on (he'd love an Arabic Oliver - who wouldn't?) but the price went too high. Love the utter faith in the system demonstrated by the punched-on price tag. The second to last photo gets my vote. Want one. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the century!