Sunday, June 5, 2011

Groma N from '53

Postscript: a German collector has alerted me that my newer machine is not a model E. The model E was a prewar version of the model N with no ribbon color selector, and is quite rare. My green machine is a fourth-version model N.

This is my 1938 Groma N for comparison:


  1. The green Groma has lots of personality; very 50s modernist aesthetic (that return lever is just awesome!) and the "crude" East German touches.

    I'm curious about the noise this makes.
    Would you say it's loud?

  2. Listen for yourself:
    MP3 here. Can you hear the little bell?

  3. I was expecting some noisy clacking but that's quite a pleasant low-pitch sound; a bit like a Hermes 3000.

    Thanks for posting the MP3!

  4. Wow, that's... really pretty. I love the keys and the body shape most of all.

    My Torpedo's paper suppoert is also long like that though it retracts, then folds down. (But if you don't have it out all the way it works wrong so it's meant to be always out)

    Also, new background image I see!

  5. Nice sound file! These Gromas are very elegant, and the "N" model very high on my watch list.

  6. wow, that 1938 groma n is spectacular.

  7. I have one just bit different s/n 347273

  8. At this point I've used quite a few of the larger Groma portables and it seems like some of them feel very stiff, while others have a pleasant flowing touch that is rather light. In my experience, you're just as likely to find one of the stiff ones as one of the nice ones to use.

    I have a newer one like yours (I'll be typecasting with it soon) that I wouldn't call stiff in any way. It does have a heavy shift, but I never notice those much any more.