Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And the most fantastic is ...

Cameron Kopf would like to channel a brilliant writer who used a Sholes & Glidden:

Right Reverend Theodore Munk's fantasy is a swinging nerd's Valhalla:

Mike Speegle offers a familiar phrase that gains real poignancy when typed on a magical typewriter. He gives credit to his wife Genevieve for thinking of it:

Rob Bowker submits a sentence that will make every typewriter collector's heart beat faster:

And finally, the comic book goes to notagain, who has an idea to keep the magic going:


  1. notagain ... Wow! I'm glad I didn't get around to entering. Couldn't top this.

  2. Thanks Richard! I sure could use a Golem...

  3. Nicely done, people.

    Especially me, though.

  4. I like Rob's the best, but only because I had to look up Golem... fascinating story, not sure why I'm only now hearing about it!

    And of course, what a great fantasy to walk into a typewriter wonderland... only it is one of my nightmares too, because if that wonderland was a local flea market, I'd be awfully sad that I couldn't take everything home with me!

  5. Congrats, notagain! It was a pleasure tickling Professor Polt :D

  6. Adwoa, thank you for the vote! I was rather pleased with "Fox flaked rust..." but the better man won the day. Great competition Richard. Wonder who'll come up with the next one?