Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gone green



Now click here for some professionally customized typewriters.


  1. That's a nice color. Did you strip it or paint over it?
    I have the dark version of the logo if you want it off my parts machine. Do you have a white "c" keytop?

  2. Richard, it does look marvelous, but, with all the effort you put into this, I can't help but wonder, when do you find time to: 1) Prepare your classes, 2) teach your classes, 3) Give assignments, 4) Grade assignments, 5) Run the philos. dept., 6) Do your committee work, 7) Do some writing (for philosophy, that is), 8) Eat, 9) Sleep, ...

  3. Looks great! Also, it looks as if you have answered Strikethru's question about how to earn money on typing machines. Now, how much do you charge for your services?

  4. I never touched a Smith-Corona, but this Crocodile looks great and I just want to type on it. :)

  5. Nice machine! The gallery has some nice colored machines as well. Although the unpainted Princess is, I think, still the prettiest.

  6. @notagain: No stripping necessary in this case, I just spray painted right onto the original brown paint. Thank you for the help!

    @Marty: It really didn't take that long -- just an hour here and an hour there, on several weekends. The amount of free time that I have varies, of course, and sometimes is nil. It does help that I never watch TV and shop as little as possible!

    @Mike: I still don't know how to make money from the actual typewriting!

    @maschinengeschrieben: I hope you'll have a chance soon to try one of these '50s Smith-Coronas. They're very well engineered.

  7. Richard, this is nothing short of FANTASTIC.

    It is very artfully executed. The 6th Grade Language Arts class should certainly appreciate this wonderful addition!

    Very cool, indeed.

  8. Very nice machine. Looks better than several of the Smith-Corona machines on the link. You've done a great job.