Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blogging the virtual type-in

Here are Adwoa's and Elizabeth's (Little Flower Petals) reports. It's fun to find out what we were typing during the type-in -- we weren't able to look over each other's shoulders at the time!


  1. Nice report, Richard! I know, it's a pity more people didn't show up, despite all the initial enthusiasm on Ah well. We had fun anyway, and I wonder if Peter will share his output with us - he must have used the most machines out of all of us, so that would be cool to see.

    Ah, that picture. Couldn't put my finger on it, but J just said I look like a bobblehead doll and now I can't unsee the resemblance. *Sigh*.

  2. Anybody looks like a bobblehead when the camera shows only the head!

    Hmm, I would be flattered if someone created a real bobblehead doll based on me ...

  3. A blue ribbon! I like it. Nice report!

    To me, it was interesting how different the various typewriters sounded, even over a less than perfect audio connection. For awhile there, you had that little Remington 333 out at the same time as Peter was typing on the Noiseless, and it made for a fascinating contrast.

    I missed writing about the Fraktur typeface Senta, and I should have mentioned it! Especially the little conversation that came up when I mentioned someone should make a computer typeface for it. Which would make it (correct me if I'm wrong!) a digital typeface of a typewriter typeface intended to look like handwritten calligraphy...very twisted.

    Adwoa, you have a great smile!

  4. Nice to know how many typewriters he has. Or his wife thinks he has at least.

    I wish I had a functioning webcam and internet up in my room, cause I would have been there.

  5. You could have joined without the camera as long as we could hear you. It was cool to see that Crandall, and all the cats too!