Saturday, January 21, 2012

I got a tattoo


PS: I mean the model of the typewriter pictured in the tattoo, not the one I used to write the typecast (which was, incidentally, an R.C. Allen VisOmatic).


  1. Well, I have a Royal Custom-III that comes close, but I will guess it is a Safari.

  2. The idea of typewriter tattoos was bandied about at The Great Seattle Type-In. Now if only I can get up the nerve to get a Lettera 32 done...

  3. Bill tells me he's not that into tattoos. So ... the next person to request it in a comment here will get it.

  4. A permanent tattoo? You'd consider it? Richard, I can't believe this, even if it is of a type writer. C'mon, your a professor, a philosopher! O.K., it it's a tattoo of an Oliver ... we'll think about it.


    Oh, yeah, the "squad car" is gorgeous!!

  5. I do think that I would like a typewriter tattoo one day... Or maybe just something in a typewriter font.

    Did you illustrate that yourself? It's a very nice graphic!

    1. No, the design is by Julia Rothman. But stay tuned ...