Monday, July 9, 2012

Revolution in the mailbox (2)

It's another exciting anonymous postcard, this time from "Svetlana," apparently in Kishinev, Moldova!

But what's this? A U.S. stamp? Unpostmarked, so we do not know where in the U.S. the card was mailed.

Perhaps the Vogue typeface is a clue ...

Missives from the insurgency are always welcome here, and I save them -- postcards fit neatly into the little album where I keep my typecasts. I'll be out of town during the second half of July, though, so don't expect an immediate reply if you write then.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful typeface!
    And a nice postcard too :-D

  2. I agree, that typeface is awesome!

  3. It would appear that Svetlana Optima is alive and well. Leave it to her to cover her tracks with typographic cryptography!

  4. And the mail keeps piling in! I love the idea of postcards, but would not know what sort to purchase. All of the antique stores around here have bins of them. It just takes so long to look through...