Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WordPlay video

This new video shows WordPlay in action, featuring an interview with director Libby Hunter and a look at the role that typewriters play in the kids' activities.

You can also visit Wordplay's website and Facebook page. Here are a few of their recent Facebook photos.


  1. Wonderful, many thanks for sharing this, Richard.

  2. Inspirational! Between this, Ryan's CTP and Notagain's work with providing machines to school projects, we've all entered a phase of typewriter collecting where our hobby can provide a nice benefit to our communities. (:

  3. I'm with Ted. It's inspiring seeing these kinds of projects.

  4. Great to see the children using the typewriters. They have quite a few interesting ones there.
    Too bad the music covers the interview on the video. It would be nice to hear what she has to say.

  5. This is a wonderful project!

    The video was informative, but the music seemed...almost creepy.

    My awareness of matching music to video has been amplified recently with creating videos of my partner James' art, with original music.

    It is important to make sure that the music serves the video material. I wonder if the makers of this Word Play video wanted it to be a bit creepy and ominous, like visiting a haunted house?

    1. I like the music, myself -- it feels mysterious, and the decor and objects at WordPlay are designed to stimulate curiosity and wonder. I'm glad that they use old things to spur the imagination, instead of flashy technology that creates superficial excitement.