Monday, September 8, 2014

A Typewriter Can

My latest little contest was met with a great batch of thoughtful, clever, and moving answers. I like them all! So I'll present them all to you before announcing the tough choice of the four entries that have won those precious slips of correction film.

Jim Pennington gets us started with an ingenious demonstration of one thing a typewriter can do:

Sure, computers can delete; yes, they can even create strikeout text; but when did you last use one to xxxx something out? Do you even know how?

Tony Mindling also shows us a typescript still in a typewriter -- an Underwood no. 5, if I'm not mistaken -- complete with great stationery, lovely ribbon color, and evocative shadows:

Now, for a grandchild's point of view, consider Jake Fischer's entry:

Speaking of family, we have two entries from the Brumfield family. Here's Ian Brumfield:

... and here's Ian's father, Brian Brumfield:

Brian has contrasted the advantages of typewriters to the disadvantages of computers -- but Peter Baker finds that typewriters are a mixed bag:

Finally, the theme of ambiguity is developed by Taylor Harbin:

Well done, all!

Now, since I must pick four, I declare that the Exalted Winners of the Slips are (in alphabetical order) Ian Brumfield, Jake Fischer, Taylor Harbin, and Tony Mindling.

Send me your addresses, winners!


  1. Many thanks for the entertaining and illuminating contest! We should do this sort of thing more often.

  2. Certainly all worthy entries! Great work.

  3. Those are wonderful entries. Great contest.

  4. Thanks again, Richard. It was a lot of fun! Sign me up for the next one!

  5. Now we need to guess the typewriters used in the presented works!