Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dr. Seuss meets the Typosphere?

This fine bit of doggerel from Ping A came in after the close of my contest but was too much fun not to share with readers:


  1. May I add:
    You can take him on a bus,
    Use him there with little fuss.
    You can type him on a train,
    But Richard, I wouldn't do it on a plane.


  2. I enjoyed this! Incidentally, I have my own Dr. Seuss to post soon. (:

  3. Very nice! As John Lithgow's character said in 3rd Rock From the Sun, "This man is a genius!"

  4. On second thought, maybe we shouldn't advocate using a typer on the beach. Imagine sand getting into the typebar segments. Aagh!
    But seriously, how would a typewriter type in space? Would it feel a wee bit sluggish? Kinda like a Lettera 22? (Sorry Ton S!)

    1. Good question. Typebars return to their places after typing due to a combination of spring action and gravity, so I think most typewriters would have trouble in space.